What is a Bushcraft Knife? Uses | Importance | Parts – 2021

A bushcraft knife is also known as a survival knife. Although it might look like just another knife to some, it is handy, small in size, and offers several functions that an ordinary knife lacks. Above all, it is versatile and fit for several purposes at once.
If you are wondering what a bushcraft knife is? Here is everything you need to know about it.

what is a bushcraft knife?

It might seem to the untrained that the bushcraft knife has only two main parts-the handles and the blade. But if one looks closer, the parts can actually be broken down into following fragments or sub-parts.

  • Edge: it is the central cutting part of the blade. It reaches from the point part of the knife to the heel.
  • Spine: the opposite part of the knife to the edge is the spine. It is also the top of the blade of the knife.
  • Point: It is the part of the knife which is used explicitly for piercing. It is also where the edge and the spine meet.
  • Tip: The tip is used for delicate cutting, and it is the forward part of the knife. It includes the point.
  • Heel: It is the rear part of the edge. It is on the opposite side of the point.
  • Bolster: The handle and the blade of the knife are connected by a band called the bolster. It provides the knife with balance and protects the hand from the edge of the knife.
  • Tang: It is the surface where the handle of the knife and the blade meet. It is also that part of the blade that reached into the handle of the knife.
  • Rivets: These are metallic pins used to connect scales to the tang for assembling the handle.
  • Scale: Specifically used to create the handle. The scale is connected to the tang with the help of rivets.
  • Pommel: It is where the handle of the knife ends. It is also known as the knife’s butt.

Being familiar with the parts of the knife makes it easy for professionals to select and pick their knife, whether it is cheap bushcraft or under $100, and create a more knowledgeable or informed choice.

Importance of Bushcraft Knife

There are many uses of a bushcraft knife. As the name indicates, it is used primarily for outdoor functions, and it is an essential part of the survival kit when you are camping out in the wilderness. Not only does a bushcraft knife is necessary for carving and cutting wood, but it is also used for a myriad of every day and life-threatening situations. Following are some of the critical aspects of using the bushcraft knife.

  • Its uses for self-defense.
  • Its uses to clear the path.
  • Its uses to create a fire.
  • It makes hunting a lot easier.
  • It makes it easy to skin your prey.
  • It is excellent for buttoning wood.
  • It makes the opening of the cans easy.
  • Its uses as a digging tool.
  • Its uses in medical emergencies.
  • Its uses as a signaling device.
  • Some bushcraft knives include a firecracker that helps them start a fire in the wilderness.

What is a bushcraft knife used for?

  • Batoning

Bushcraft has many uses including batoning. It is a technical term meaning splitting the wood. If one is out to have a wilderness experience, having a bushcraft knife is the answer to all the questions.

Typically, an axe or saw is used for batoning, but you can count on your bushcraft knife for splitting wood in case of emergencies.

A bushcraft knife that is a few inches longer than the wood you are planning to split is required. Place the wood in a standing position on a firm and secure surface for holding it. Place your bushcraft knife on top of it, and then using a hard piece of wood, strike toward the exposed tip. This would be enough for the wood to split, but make sure you use a knife with a thick blade to obtain better results without damaging the knife.

  • Chopping

For the purpose of chopping, you need an exceptionally sharp blade. Since chopping is the perfect marriage between hand movement and blade sharpness, the right bushcraft knife will make chopping a piece of cake in the wilderness. Thus, you won’t need to pack an extra chopping knife for cooking purposes if you are camping. The right bushcraft knife will do the job effortlessly.

  • Carving

The knife with a sharp and pointed edge works best for carving. Most bushcraft knives are designed in such a way that they are ideal for carving.

    Whether you are in the wild or keep a bushcraft knife at home, it can aid in your carving hobby perfectly well.
  • Fire cracking
    When you are out camping, you need a firecracker. The primary purpose of going camping is to work with minimum gadgets. Keep in mind; many bushcraft knives come with a firecracker at the end of their handle. Thus, it aids in starting a fire without the need to get additional gadgets.

A bushcraft knife is not just a regular knife. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of camping and going in the wild. Therefore, every feature of such knives serves a purpose. It’s not just about quality and design; it is also about usability and versatility.

John L. McGarry is very passionate about nature and spends most of the time in the wilderness. Tools help them to survive there and make most of the time beneficial and joyful. With years of experience, he suggested the best tools.

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